Monday, July 10, 2006

Whee, Gambling

Still on quite a nice little degenerate gambling heater, which is, umm, nice. Betfred just changed their cashable 25% up to £50 monthly bonus to allow blackjack, and I managed to run my initial deposit of £200 into a bit over £1,000, flat betting £10/hand the entire time. I'm not quite sure I've ever had a run quite that crazy, as two different times I won 14-15 hands in a row.

The sportsbook bonus gods were also very kind to me, as far as games all weekend long falling into place the way I needed them to to clear WR and bust balances out of the books I needed to.

Last but not least, poker was fairly kind to me. I got deep in a couple of MTTs with decent but not spectacular cashes to show for it. I also had some nice $2/4 NL sessions, including dragging a ginormous pot when I limped with 67h and the BB slowplayed his KK, letting me catch up and turn trips, then river the case 6 for quads. At which point he shoved his last $200 into me and I, err, called.

Sounds like all of you damn bloggers had a good time out in damn Vegas, you damn Vegas-attending bastards. Congrats to F-Train for taking down the blogger tournament. Now let us forget that such a thing ever occured and never speak of it again.

Home buying process is still moving along, although it developed a lurch in its step. The previous owners apparently thought it'd be fun to try to get their wee auxiliary water heater in the kitchen replaced for free a few years ago when it crapped out, by filing a vague insurance claim involving water damage. Which was denied and they were forced to do the normal thing when an appliance craps out after years of use, which is to replace it. Except now for us to get insurance on the house it has to undergo an extra inspection due to a water claim being filed in the last three years, which it failed, because of the botched job the owners had done on installing the main water heater. Net result is likely going to be delaying closing a week while everything is fixed and re-inspected, which isn't the worst thing in the world, but fairly annoying, as otherwise we'd have been able to close and fix all the crap that needs fixing at a more leisurely pace.

I'm slowly becoming addicted to High Stakes Poker on GSN, which is damn good stuff. Watched the first episode of the Professional Poker Tour last night on the Travel channel, which was entertaining enough but a little on the slow side. Thank Jebus Paul Magriel busted out, as I nearly had to turn it off after the 162,183 time he did that weird grimace/tongue thrust thing. Don't. Need. To. See. That. Even. Once. Much. Less. Many. Many. Times. Overall it's a decent enough show, and I like that they show plenty of hands. 'Tis a little reassuring to see just how badly some "professional" players are capable of playing.

Still don't have anything cool to show for all my metal metling, but I finally got all of the kinks worked out of my new foundry, and am ready to rock and roll. I did a big test melt the other night and new and improved (bigger, rawr) version works much better, allowing me to melt up to 15-20 pounds of aluminmum at a time, in about a third of the time it took with the original wee charcoal-fired foundry I built.

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