Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Same as It Ever Was

Welp, that was fun. 12 consecutive days of not dragging myself into work = good time fun. Not to mention the whole added honeymoon bonus fun.

So here I sit, once again, in Cubicle Land. Cubicle Land is not a fun place. It's time to get serious about finding an illuminated exit sign from Cubicle Land. Having to return is bad enough without being told that I need to smile more if I expect to get a decent bonus in the future. That hard work and over-production really doesn't mean anything unless I turn that occasional frown upside down. Thanks for letting me know that on my very first day back. Not to mention that I was halfway counting on that bonus to defray the ginormous wedding expense.

Oh, wait. I'm happy. See, look at me smile. HAPPY!

So I just bit the bullet and cashed out the poker bankroll. Just a little bit shy of 4K this time. I'd rather go ahead and pay the wedding piper than have debt hang hanging over my head, even if it means back to the micro-limit grind. I left myself $100 to see what I can do with. I'll probably casino whore a bit initially, trying to bypass the .50/1 tables this time around. Each time I re-build the roll it gets harder and harder to deal with the insanity of .50/1 and I don't know if I can do it again.

I'm telling myself it's a good thing. And honestly, it is. Spending more time with the wife is a good thing. Working on assorted projects is a good thing. And, really and truly, I have to motivate and push hard on my outside business schemes. A year of ball-busting and I truly can flee Cubicle Land. I've got all the assorted pieces in place, I just need to buckle down.

I don't know what to say about the election. I honestly thought I'd be more depressed than I am. We live in a democracy in which a majority of people decide who leads us. The decided. End of story. Despite what I personally might think, them's the rules and we have to play by them. Am I embarrassed of this country as a whole? Yep. Do I fear for the future? Yep. Do I fear for the present? Yep.

But I'm in the minority. Nothing to do but suck it up and deal. I'm not going to sit and whine and offer no real alternative. Take care of yourself and the people close to you and everything else works out in the end. Unless you're in the military and get forcibly sent to some distant land to get shot out after invading someone's country. Then you're just screwed. Heh.

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