Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogger Donkaments LOL

I actually managed to drag my sorry non-participatory ass out to play in the MATH last night. I didn't realize it was a double stack tourney, though, so I was struggling to stay awake towards the end, and not as perturbed as I usually would have been to get bounced in 5th or 6th place when A7o sent my AKs to the curb. Congrats to the transgendered drunken midget for taking it down.

I felt pretty decent about my play, got some chips early and bullied some, and had my big pairs hold up (my connection was super clunky last night, so my apologies to whoever moved in on a short stack with A5 and I seemingly slowrolled AA from the BB; I was mashing the call button immediately but then got moved to another table before I could apologize.) I probably turtled up a little too much at the final table but I stole enough to stay not too desperate despite getting dealt 83o what seemed like twenty or thirty consecutive hands.

I'd fired up the $24+2 nightly Bracelet Race just before the MATH started, and managed to last all of 15 minutes. I think I missed the memo that went out recently that an OESD on the flop (with no overcards or flush re-draws) is the absolute NUTS and that you MUST get all of your chips in the middle, regardless of the action around you or whether or not you're priced in.

It has been fun to play a bit more of late, though, so I can't complain, as it's cheap enough entertainment. It's kind of nice to be a relative pauper as far as the funds I have online these days, as I actually have to hustle and scrape a bit and take the MTTs I do play in seriously.

Kind of nice to be back at the day job this week, to recuperate a bit from all the house renovation related labors. I'm back at it tonight, though, and probably looking at a solid 3-4 weeks of work every night after the day job and on weekends, to get the two investment properties ready to list. Kind of daunting in some ways but I'm still fairly upbeat about the whole endeavor, as it's the sort of work I enjoy and potentially a full-time gig, assuming I can keep grinding out profitable deals on the side for a year or two.


golden said...

Nice use of the Hammer to get me off top pr and force a total donk fold to your re-raise. Like I said last night, I was totally outclassed, but my learning curve is steep. Don't look to get away with that one again anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

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