Saturday, July 07, 2007

This Main Event Thing Lasts HOW Long?


On the one hand, things have been pretty orderly and *gasp* not horribly mismanaged by Harrah's so far. Nothing has disastrously blown up and everything has gone pretty much as planned, as far as my particular gig here writing for No horrible surprises, no glaring problems, etc.

On the other hand, good lord, these first days are long ones. They're drawing around 1,500 players for each of the first four starting days, and play begins at noon, and ends at about 4 in the morning. We get here an hour or two early to set-up and play catch-up from the day before, so it's basically a 15-16 hour day. We've had about twenty players each day we're tracking and reporting on that qualified through PokerRoom and its skins, which isn't a huge number but fairly busy to manage, as far as tracking general chip counts, bust-outs, notable hands, etc. We're also trying to take lots of photos, which leads to much image editing, uploading to servers, and all that fun stuff.

I got about four hours of sleep last night and hey, it's time to do it again. And again. And again. And then another crazy day when Day 2 kicks off. It should eventuallt settle down quite a bit as players get knocked out, but for now its pretty insanely busy.

I honestly have no clue how Otis and Pauly and others not only do this stuff, day in and day out, yet somehow find time to write meaty, thoughtful posts in their regular blogs. It's all I can do to keep up with what's on my plate, much less contemplate being all writerly on top of that.

All that said, I do have a kickass view from my hotel room at Caesar's, which more than makes up for the long, exhausting hours, when I come back to the room and relax, reveling in the view:

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Schaubs said...

Great view. LOL. Hope all is well.