Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exhibit A: Online Poker Can Still Be Profitable Even Amongst a Slew of Training Sites and Software Aids

Scene: $50 90 man turbo KO SnG on Full Tilt.


UTG: 110,000 chips
SB: 159,100 chips
Hero, in the BB: 900 chips

Blinds are 2K/4k

Backstory: SB and Hero tangled in the previous hand. On a J 9 4 rainbow flop, SB led out and called Hero's shove. SB held the mighty A4o for third pair and Hero held J9 for top two. An A of course binks on the turn and SB wins the hand, knocking Hero down to just 900 chips. Hero is all-in on his BB the next hand.

1st pays $1,152, 2nd pays $702, and 3rd pays $504. Each KO bounty is worth $8.

Action: UTG open shoves for 110,000. SB thinks for 0.3 seconds and calls. Hero is all-in already for his last 900 chips.

UTG tables A2o, SB shows A7o, and Hero has KQo. Q on the flop and amazingly no A on the turn or river knocks UTG out in 3rd. Hero laughs and laughs and laughs.

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