Monday, August 04, 2014

Sports sports sports sports

Football season is finally approaching, which means its time to time to ponder life's greatest questions such as how to cook bratwurst and decide just how crazy you are to spend $200+ on a Critter Nation Cage or a Ferret Nation Cage.

I've been such a vagabond the last few years it's hard to know how to root for. The Longhorns still have a special place in my heart but the NFL is hard.

The 49ers are our "home" team now but I'm still pretty much meh on them. Breaking my heart too many times as a young impressionable Dallas Cowboys fan in the 1980s makes it a little too difficult to really put my heart behind cheering for the 49ers.

I keep vowing to actually pay attention to baseball again but another season is sliding away without watching an entire full game.

Such is life, I guess, and definitely first-world problems to have. 

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