Thursday, August 02, 2007


So it looks like my stint as poker tournament reporter will get at least one more at-bat, as I'm going to be working for PokerRoom again at the end of the month, covering the main event at the WPT Legends tournament. The timing of these gigs is working out pretty nicely, as I have a ton of vacation time at the day job that I need to burn through before the end of the year, so it's pretty much a win-win situation, with me killing all sorts of birds with one stone.

I'll definitely be more prepared this go-around, and hopefully I'll actually have time to meet up with some of you LA-area poker blogger types. I felt kind of bad at the WSOP as I barely spoke to Otis, Pauly, Spaceman, and CC. Largely due to my inherently shy nature, but the schedule was really pretty brutal, and its far to easy to fall into a zombified state of just getting your work done and trying not to bother any of the other zombies shuffling around you, also just trying to get their work done.

Definitely more than a bit of love/hate at the thought of being away from home, wife, and menagerie of animals for another week, but I do enjoy the work, and the extra money is nice, and they're giving me a fair amount of leeway and lots of encouragement as far as the form the blog is going to take, moving forward. So that's all very cool, and it's nice to be able to actually apply assorted monkey talents and knowledge of mine directly in a project I'm working on.

Hats off to Neteller for the speedy processing of assorted withdrawals. I only had a few hundred bucks stuck in my account but it's nice to get it back, and especially nice to hear that other folks with much more substantial amounts in their accounts have finally been able to get their mitts on it.

I've been too busy with house stuff the last few weeks to play much poker, and that'll probably continue to be the case for the near future. I did play a bit on, but man, I hesitate to even hyperlink to it, as they still have some major kinks to work out. It's an interesting enough idea but the execution is pretty lacking, and it seems almost at times the developers aren't really poker players, as some things just make no sense.

Still cranking away on the affiliate front, although the majority of what I've been working on lately is mindless, pretty spammy, and not that interesting or cool. Slowly and steadily building up the affiliate income again, but it's still pretty depressing comparing the totals from pre UIGEA and post UIGEA.

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Craig Cunningham said...

Hey you spoke, that's pretty good in my book! Great meeting you, and good luck in Cali