Friday, August 10, 2007

I Am a Trading Genius!

CRYP misses estimates for quarterly earnings by a mile? Check.

CRYP throws baby out with bathwater in a desperate attempt to show an operating profit to slop lipstick on poor quarter? Check.

CRYP sells off and is down 5% in first fifteen minutes of trading? Check.

Broader markets plunge again? Check.

CRYP somehow defies all of the above and comes roaring back, currently trading up +12% on the day (with the reversal coming so quickly that I'm currently holding well-nigh worthless puts)? Check, and mate.

Fuck a duck. At least it was only my gambling money left in my Scottrade account, and not anything in the IRA (where I can't buy options or sell anything short).

The broader markets are pretty much absolutely nutso right now, to use a technical term.


David said...

dude, you gotta stop treating the rest of the world like a blackjack table! sorry i wont be seeing you in LA. maybe we'll run into each other in canada! thanks for the sports betting email too. had a good time in vegas with you.


ScurvyDog said...

But dude, those options were suited.