Friday, November 16, 2007

And The Clock Keeps on Ticking...

Part of me feels bad when the post frequency continues to dwindle here, but it's one of those things that I'm just not sure how to look at. Much like poker, which also explains the dwindling action.

Caught up in the busy hullabaloo that is my life these days, I completely missed the 3rd year anniversary of these here scribblings. Making note of that quickly leads to complete and utter bafflement, as I refuse to believe that it's been that long since I got completely eaten up by the poker bug, finally starting a gay blog of my own after discovering the wonderful world of poker blogs, and refreshing the likes of Iggy, Grubby, Al, Otis, Pauly, and others approximately 192,142 times a day, doing backflips in my cube when new posts were up.

That was three years ago? Really? Not a year or two? Three? You swear?

Should I be proud of all the babblings contained herein? I suppose I am, if for no other reason than I've stuck with it, unlike many projects that I start up, cruise along with for awhile, but ultimately abandon at some point.

I can't help but view it with some disappointment, though, as far as missed opportunities. For me, the primary point was always to play better poker, and I can't really fly the "Mission Accomplished" banner on that one. I mean, yeah, relatively speaking I'm a better player these days when I focus and don't half-ass around, but the dreams of crushing the big games are pretty much doomed to never be realized.

Life keeps getting busier and busier, and it's harder and harder for me to devote a lot of time and thought to this thing called poker. It is indeed a sexy diversion, one of the sexiest, but when you're too busy to be diverted, well, there you go.

Which may be the point, in the end, as far as both poker and neglected blogs go. Too much free time and obsessive, competitive tendencies are a great recipe for tons of blog posts and much juicy poker content, but, in the end, that's kind of a sad dish to serve.

I'm still playing a bit of poker these days, but it's mainly of the bloggerment tourney variety, and of late I've been playing excruciatingly bad. I can usually squeeze in a bit of time to play later at night, but usually end up second-guessing the decision to sign up for the tournament in the first place, and manage to donk off my stack in assorted silly and/or ugly ways.

But it's still fun, and that's pretty much the point, right?

Unlike other times, though, I'm pretty much unconflicted about all of the above. This has been pretty much the busiest, craziest year I can remember in awhile, as far as all my sundry schemings and projects and real estate investments and jobs, and I'm pretty cool with the slice of pie assigned to everything at the moment.

The reporting gigs for PokerRoom have been nice, too, as far as reminding me about the things I like about poker, and the potential there. Too much blog drama and ranting and ceaseless overcompensating can pretty easily sour one on poker in general, but it's very cool to go on these trips and spend time with people who love to play the game and have a blast doing it, regardless of whether they're a long-term "winner". 'Tis cool, too, that you can assemble a group from Jebus knows how many countries, with often not much in the way of a common language, but who ultimately get along really well based on a common liking of a silly card game.

So, umm, yeah. No real point here, no grand pronouncements. Crazy how time flies, I suppose, is the grandest. And lamest. Boo, me.

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