Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lots of Stuffs to be Thankful For

Definitely enjoyed the long holiday weekend, especially since we got the first investment house I bought under contract the day before Thanksgiving. When it's all said and done (assuming that it all gets done, knock on wood) I'm not going to make much money on the deal, but it's been a pretty valuable learning experience as far as the whole real estate investing thing, and will be a pretty big relief to get one sold and pocket a bit of profits, even if it isn't a bulging, fat pocketful.

The months seem to keep ripping right along, with December looming, which means 2008 is looming, and sweet Jebus, how can it be 2008 already? I mean, it was just 3 or 4 years ago when the whole Y2K thing went down, right? We somehow skipped 3-4 years somewhere in there, and get them back, right?

Poker play is still pretty paltry of late, with most of my free time getting sucked up by the current house I'm renovating. This one has been a beast to get started, as far as sorting out building permits, contractors, sub-contractors, etc., but the last few weeks have been pretty exciting, as real progress is finally taking place. Again, the point of all this work is to make some mobneys, but I'm enjoying this one a bit more than I expected, as far as actually doing a bit more planning, new additions, and creative re-arranging that a simpler lipstick rehab of paint, carpet, fixtures, voila.

What little poker I've played has been fairly brutal, but mostly amusingly so. I've been playing some HU matches as a change of pace (and simply because I usually only have 15-20 minutes of spare time to play with of late), and I'm on an 0-5 tear that included getting it all in pre-flop two hands into one match with KK versus K9d, only to see a flop of 10d Qd Jd, for the flopped straight flush, and other similar fun stuff. Not much one can do there other than smile and fire up another one, or, you know, heed the subtle prodding from the poker gods to, umm, go do something productive with yourself.

December should be pretty dang hectic, as I'm pushing to have the house done by December 15th, and off to Vegas for another poker blog reporting gig covering the Bellagio Five Diamond Class December 11th-19th, then off to Tennessee to visit my folks from December 21st-December 26th.

We'll be staying at the Bellagio for the Five Diamond Classic, which'll be my first time to stay there, so thumbs up to that. The closing for the house that's currently under contract is scheduled for December 11th, which would be pretty sweet timing as far as allowing me to actually play some poker on the trip with little guilt, as far as having most of my discretionary cash typically used for such things tied up in houses. I'm definitely itching to play some live MTTs, so hopefully I'll be able to hit a few while out in Vegas.

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