Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So Many Blogs, So Little Time

Not a lot to relate on the poker front since the last update, despite giving numerous FTOPS tournies a whirl. I had a couple of baby cashes but that was about it, going out about 20 spots from the bubble in the first LHE event and completely whiffing and donking out in the first hour of the Main Event.

I managed to spin up a FPP point SnG into an entry into the 50/50, finishing 19th for a decent cash, but I'm still coming up empty as far as a deep run or a final table of any sort in MTTs. Which is kind of frustrating, as I'd think dumb monkey luck would take over at some point, but nay, not so much.

I've managed to be good bankroll-wise, which is still hovering around $3K. I've been too busy and time-strapped of late to play much other than some LHE and SnGs, but I've stuck to manageable stakes and haven't blown up the bankroll yet getting a wild itch and sitting at 50/100, etc. Like others, the BBIII is likely to suck me in more deeply this time, as I'm still strangely entranced by the donkey lure of the WSOP. I shouldn't be (and I'll be working there during the Main Event), but I'll probably end up donking off far too many tourney buy-ins trying to satellite into various events.

Current house project is crushing me. Must. Finish. And. Stop. Writing. Huge. Checks.

I should just whip up some javascript to auto-generate these posts for me, randomnly inserting "donkey" "house" "busy" "hectic" and "poker" here and there, then I could reclaim some sort of semblence of blogging cred.

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