Thursday, March 13, 2008

The following is a sponsored post by asked for a review about the design and feeling I get from their site, which is a might bit tricky as it's focused on the German market, and my German language skillz are effectively none, so I'm not exactly what you might call an expert reviewer in this case. But that's never stopped me from babbling on and on in the past about all sorts of things, so why stop now?

The general design and look of the site are very clean and functional, and it has all the htings you'd expect to find in a poker resource site, including a poker news section, poker forums, a blog, site reviews, polls, odds calculators, a poker school with strategy articles and poker tips, and other poker-related videos and links. It's easy to navigate between each area of the site and all major sections are laid out in a clean, logical fashion.

Like many poker portals, also provides exclusive freerolls for members at a variety of sites as well as various sign-up bonus codes and other offers. Pretty much all the standard fare poker fans have come to expect in a poker resource site, but with a German twist for all you chip slingers that spreken ze deutch.

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