Thursday, October 14, 2004

PokerNow Bonus

Just a quick little notice about a new Party skin/sister site that's offering a pretty decent sign-up bonus. Site is and the bonus code is SHARK. On a $500 deposit the code is worth $200 in bonus money with only 1000 raked hands to clear. If you play 500 hands in October you can also get a free poker book from the ones listed on this page.

There are a few caveats, though, so be forewarned. The deposit is granted in two different steps, so you'll only get $100 in bonus money when you initially deposit. After you play 500 raked hands, the second $100 in bonus money will become available. The site itself is a little bit odd, as it's a Party skin like Empire/Intertops/etc., but it's branded as a "sister" site. It's owned by Party, if you check the fine print, so it isn't some affiliate scam, but it's a slightly different flavor of skin. It shares some of the same multiplayer tournaments and promos with Party (which other skins don't), and it won't allow you to play at Pokernow and Party simultaneously. Some people also get a warning ("You can't create an account on this computer as you're a member of Party and we share players, blah blah blah") when signing up from a computer with Party/Empire/etc. installed, while others don't get the same warning. So you maye have to use a clean computer or delete some Party registry keys.

I did the deposit, got my first $100 in bonus, all that jazz. Cashouts are reportedly fast and the site is definitely owned/affiliated by Party, so your money is safe. No one has reportedly received the second $100 bonus for the SHARK code yet, but so far all the promises from the site managers have panned out. Pretty decent bonus if you're into chasing them and you get to play with the same fishy Party players.

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