Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Yesterday was one of those annoying poker days where I just spun my wheels, over and over. I did manage to clear the InterPoker monthly bonus and chip away at the Absolute bonus, so there is that. But otherwise I simply couldn't get any +EV momentum going, finishing up the day down twenty bucks or so.

A few bad beats at NL wiped out some solid limit Omaha sessions. I can't seem to win with KK these days. I managed to get two other players all-in preflop (one holding 1010, the other AJo) for a $317 pot, only to lose when the board spits out K 6 7 8 9. Thanks, poker gods. I guess it's time to re-stock the supply of sacrificial virgins.

The Omaha games are pretty wacky on InterPoker. I'd steered clear of them before, worried that the European bias of the site would mean that the Omaha games were tougher, but I'm not sure that's the case. To be fair, I'm still a relative Omaha newbie, and there's a fine line in Omaha between being a silly fish and ramming all of your money in the pot and being a skilled Omaha player, and ramming all of your money in the pot, and I'm sure I occasionally mistake where players fall on either side of that line. That said, a good Omaha commandment to etch on tablets is that if you don't have the mortal nuts on the river, don't re-raise. But nay, people kept ramming and jamming with two pair, trips, etc., when there was an obvious straight or flush out there.

I got hosed at PL Omaha on Empire, though. Bled away two buy-ins at the $25 tables with little to show for it. I think I won one pot, a whopping $1.90. It happens sometimes. Played a $30 NL SnG and finished 2nd, so I managed to basically break even.

Blah blah blah. This is boring even me. More interesting stuff later. I swear.

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