Tuesday, May 17, 2005

*Cue OC Theme Song* Califoooooorrrnnniiiiiiaaaaa...

(Yeah, I watch the OC. Suck it up and deal.)

I'd like to be able to say that five days of doing absolutely nothing poker-related, hanging out in the Bay area, left me jonesing for some poker. But, umm, not so much.

Me likee that part o' the country very much. We mainly stayed in Berkeley and Monterey, with a quick jaunt to San Francisco to go to the MOMA and other assorted galleries. Ate an artichoke for the first time. Had my head explode repeatedly when checking the listed price of assorted properties for sale. Enjoyed myself thoroughly the whole dang time.

Which brings us to now, with the return to the world of day jobs. Not much to say about that. Well, lots to say, but no point in dwelling on it now.

Breaks from the daily grind are very nice. Not so much that they make a return to the grind palatable, but put it nicely in perspective, as far as the ultimate payoffs.

Much work to catch up on. Mmm, grindy...

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