Friday, May 27, 2005

Me Likee Fridays

Boo ya. Already mowed the dang ol' yard, finished up most of my telecommuting work for the day, and relieved assorted muppets of a goodly chunk of chips.

I have to say, profits and losses aside, just sacking up and moving to 15/30 has been one of the best things I've done in a long while, poker-wise. I'm actually enjoying playing again and finally thinking about hands, instead of cruising on auto-pilot.

I've mentioned this before (and seen it mentioned elsewhere), but it's an odd thing, playing at higher limits. There are still the inevitable gasket-blowing suckouts and bad beats, but things start to make a little more sense, even when they're non-sensical. You can actually make people lay down hands, which opens all sorts of avenues. If you're willing to be absolutely relentless and are able to ioslate certain players at the table (especially when they open with a raise), you can essentially play any two cards, and do it profitably on a consistent basis.

That said, me I'm still wearing the lacy panties and playing pretty standard ABC poker. Which, in a backwards fashion, is also a reasonably successful tactic, especially if you're playing with the right mix of hyper-aggressive players and a fish or two.

Less than a week until Vegas? Really?

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Easycure said...

Next Friday will be even better......