Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ahh, the Sounds of Heads Popping

Want a sure-fire way to cause heads to explode in Austin, Texas? Mention "freezing" and "rain" in the same sentence.

I mean, come on, people. It's not like I'm from the frozen tundra of Drizzlandia, either, but light freezing rain (when the temperature was +60F yesterday) isn't the absolute worst weather calamity in the world. Your car isn't going to leap from the road and explode into flames. Call me crazy, but usually the current temperature has to be below freezing for, you know, freezing precipitation to be a problem.

And thusly ends my weather rant.



Drizztdj said...

Its a rather balmy three above zero at the moment.

I wore shorts to work today.

Thank god I'm going to Veg... er Des Moines!

Grinder said...

We watched the weather on Good Morning America and they were talking about Dallas and how bad it was because it was 18 degrees and slippery.

Of course where I live we have not even SEEN 18 degrees for a week now and have not seen 12 for 6 days!

Then the east coast is at a stand still because they got 2 inchs of snow!


ScottMcM said...

You should make the $150 buy in at Adam's place on Sunday