Thursday, December 15, 2005

Highway to the Comfort Zone

Many thanks for the comments about Gonzo in the previous post. I think there's a lot of value in nearly every suggestion, and likely not one cut and dried answer. After pondering it a bit, I think I'd need one more person aggressively attempting to exploit his play to make it +EV for me to stay at the table, especially given my position relative to Gonzo. That said, it's also a matter of my personal comfort zone, as far as knowing myself and my ability (or lack thereof) to cap the flop and turn with Q high, knowing he's playing a random hand. If you're more fearless than I am, then it might be very +EV to simply isolate him and go to war, every single time, armed with the knowledge that he's playing a truly random hand.

Not too much else of note going on in my wee little world. Play a little poker, working a lot. Enjoying the trip reports from all you gotdamn Vegas attendees.

I'm going to have nearly two weeks off for Christmas this year, which'll be nice. Part of me is enjoying the fantasyland notion of just not, you know, bothering to come back to the day job at all. No exit interviews, no two weeks, no conversations with bosses. Just not, you know, ever showing up again. Not the most mature way of dealing with things and 99% not likely to happen but still nice to daydream about.

ScurvyWife and I watched Man on Fire the other night, which I thought was surprisingly good and entertaining. What's baffling me, though, is that the same director of that movie (Tony Scott) also directed Top Gun, Days of Thunder, and Beverly Hills Cop 2. I mean, I love me some Top Gun (and I own the soundtrack), but I never would have guessed that in a million years, assuming that some hot new hip director was behind Man on Fire.

Blah. So very boring. Nothing to see here.

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