Monday, December 19, 2005

The Great Shorthanded Experiment of December 2005

I continue to crank out a ridiculous number of hands of late (well, for me), trying to get the shorthanded monkey off my back. I'm still in the hole for the month, but it's a pretty shallow hole, and partly due to not running so well in general.

Yeah, I know, show me a poker player that's running well and in a hole. Shaddup.

I know it should be filed under "Good Things" that people will cold call three bets with 46d, then hang in there until the river, at which point they hit their gut shot, but it's hard to find much joy in filing when those hands hit, time after time after time. I suppose the lesson is that shorthanded play magnifies everything, both good and bad, due to an increased number of hands seen per hour.

About half done with Christmas shopping for the year, which is actually pretty damn good for me. I've been mocked at various times in my life for doing 99% of my shopping the day before Christmas, but hey, it works. And I'm a big fan of things that work. But ScurvyWife actually got her birthday/Christmas present back in June when she get her laptop, plus I'm making/have made coppery presents for other assorted people, so it's been a pretty easy Giftmas season, as far as shopping.

I'm going to start stabbing people in the eye if I have to hear any more talk about the "war" on Christmas, as far as the horrible, evil attempts by the heathens to secularize Christmas. Sorry, but fuck off. You don't get to bitch and moan about trivial shit like that when there are real, actual wars going on. Somehow I think Jebus isn't the type to cast you out into hell just because someone, somewhere said "Happy holidays" and you stood idly by.

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