Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tick, Tick, Tick...

The hectic factor is ramping up again, as I'm starting to run out of days before I jet off to Vegas for WSOP madness from July 5th-July 18th. While everything is still on track for closing on June 19th on the house we're selling in Austin, it's going to take a lot of ass-busting to get the investment property ready to roll and listed, before I take off.

It's still within the realm of possibility, thus the busting of hump, but I'm rapidly running out of room to spare on the timeline. I'm not making matters any easy for me, either, by pursuing all sorts of Web tomfoolery with more and more affiliate sites, or taking on more freelance and contractor work. Plus assorted random crap around the house is suddenly deciding to break, as far as disposals crapping out and other fun things.

As far as poker, still on a bit of a heater, with another nice cash in a $18K guaranteed on Full Tilt and a silly run at SnGs. Donked off some of those winnings playing 6 max LHE, a windmill that I continue to tilt at unsuccessfully for some reason I cannot fathom, but overall teh poker has been treating me nicely of late.

It's kind of odd following the WSOP so far, knowing that I'll be out there, flailing around myself in a few weeks. On the one hand, I have to admit that I've been pretty underwhelmed so far. It's not really the fault of the coverage, it's just more the nature of the beast. There's really not much of a substitute for watching the televised coverage, even when you have awesome writers busting their humps covering all of the major action of all of the events going on; as awesome as the effort is, the end result is still just a string of words and chip counts. Kudos to all the fancy interfaces and bells and whistles with the live reporting at PokerNews, but it still rings kind of empty for me, in many ways.

As far as the stuff I enjoy reading, hands down it's still stuff like Pauly's posts at Tao of Poker, Otis' posts at Rapid Eye Reality, and MeanGene's Blogger posts, and CC's PokerWorks stuff. I suppose, though, that's very much the nature of the beast, as far as the stuff that people write to pay the bills and the stuff that people write to write.

People are very odd creatures sometimes, especially the way they behave in corporate settings. If I had to pick one thing to look for in someone, as far as a general measure of the likelihood that they'd be a trustworthy/decent person to deal with, it'd probably be whether or not they have the ability to laugh at themselves. Why is that so hard for so many people? Why is admitting that you made a mistake such a terrifying and difficult thing?

Switching topics, why oh why are sports sucking so much now? Worst. NBA. Finals. Ever. Please Jebus just let it be football season again, when real sports walk the earth.

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Drizztdj said...

Even the NBA commish called the Finals "horrible to watch".