Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Whee, Vacation

I usually tend to scoff when people talk about needing a vacation, but man, I am utterly and entirely looking forward to being in Vegas with the wife for a quick vacation this Wednesday-Saturday. I'll probably break down and bring the laptop, but the plan is to not even think about anything house or work related, and focus on nothing more complicated than drinking, gambling, and having of funs.

Still chugging away on all my house fixing-up, with closing on the Austin house scheduled for this afternoon. Big relief, that, and it's made working on the flip house much, much more palatable. 'Tis very much easier to be motivated when money is coming in from all the assorted sweat and labor, instead of flying out the windows and doors and other house orifices.

I managed to satellite into the 100 Main Event seat at Full Tilt last Sunday on my very first try, and was strangely optimistic going into it. Things have been rolling well lately, both poker-wise and non-poker-wise, and for whatever weird reason I just had this feeling that I was going to win a seat.

Which is a strike against my psychic powers, as I ended up going out with a whimper somewhere around the 600 players left mark. I was cruising early, with 2-3x average through the first few breaks, doubling up early when I flopped a boat with 33 and then doubling again when I turned a flush versus a turned straight. Took down some pots from bullying after that, but never really got anything going after that, losing a couple of flips with AK versus short stacks shoving with pocket pairs, making decent sized pre-flop bets with 88 and 77 and getting one caller, who re-popped my continuation bet on a flop like 10 J 3, etc.

The structure was slow enough, though, that I patiently waited. And waited. And waited. Until I had to go into steal mode, eventually running A10o into QQ and no help for me. Kind of frustrating but also a bit unusual, as far as such a protracted run of complete and utter card deadedness. In retrospect I shouldn't have let myself get as short as I did, but it's still hard for me to raise it up/re-steal with 83o when it's not truly desperate times, even when I know, theoretically, that it's not the worst play in the world.

So no WSOP for me this year. Someday, somehow, but for now its still toiling in the minor leagues. Definitely going to check out the action this week, though, and I may hit up some SnGs at the Rio.

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