Monday, April 14, 2008

I Made This

No matter how many times I swear to be prepared and not put off assorted things to the absolute last minute, here I am scrambling around like a mad man, trying to get nine million things done before flying out to Vegas tomorrow morning to cover the WPT Championships at the Bellagio for PokerRoom from April 15th- April 27th.

Not the best timing as far as trying to close on the investment property I have under contract, but such is life, and I'll likely be back home before closing anyway. Rushing around tying up the last odds and ends with that place, hauling me tools out, cleaning up, etc., and I finally managed to snap some photos yesterday, as far as what's been keeping me so dang busy for the last few months:

Before Photos

After Photos

Not quite as impressive as many of the transformations you see on assorted house flipping shows on television, but not bad, either. Have to admit that I'm pretty proud of how much of it turned out, especially since I had to buckle down and do a large amount of the work myself due to flaky contractors. I get down on myself as far as far as it taking 4+ months to get the damn thing done but then I look back and start adding up everything I tackled (painting the entire interior and exterior, ~1000 sq. ft of tile, refinishing ~800 sq. ft. of hardwood floors, tile in two bathrooms + kitcheh countertops and backsplash, etc.) and it's fairly impressive, even for a reserved, not-prone-to-self-praise monkey such as myself.

It'll likely be right back to the grind as far as more house renovation work in the near future, but it's all going to be on our own house this time around, as it's long overdue and the wife has been very, very patient of me doing all this work on other houses at the expense of working on our own home. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it, as it'll be nice to work on stuff without crushing deadlines and other less than fun aspects of the last few projects I've tackled.

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