Friday, April 25, 2008

Sick and Broke in Las Vegas

I think I was likely doomed from the get-go with my previous talk of being in Vegas on a very short roll, but lo and behold, here I sit in Las Vegas at the tail end of covering the WPT Championships for the PokerRoom blog with some sort of monkey croup virus, barely able to talk in a froggy voice, with no cash to gambool with and another day and a half before I can fly back home.

So yeah, not exactly the balla trip so far. It's actually been a great trip as far as the work side of it, as PokerRoom has gone all out to show everyone a good time, and my job is to basically tag along and document all that. So big thumbs up there, as we've gotten to hang out in a $10,000/night private suite at Red Rocks for a day, tickets to the Hopkins/Calzaghe match, Cirque and Blue Man group shows, helicopter rides at Hoover Dam, you name, we've done it.

As far as the gambooling side of it, not much positive to relate. I had a baby cash in one of the Venetian Deep Stack tournaments and in one of their noon tournaments, but that's about it, and no love at all in $1/2 and $2/5 NL cash games, or in the other half dozen or so tournaments I played in. Took some pretty tough beats in cash games but nothing that crazy, and it's more my own fault than anything as far as playing overly nitty on a short bankroll due to all my walking around money being sunk into houses at the moment. Indeed, I got my money in pretty damn good but you it's easy enough to see your 80/20s go down in flames a few times and lo and behold, you're sitting in your room, watching Die Hard for the eighth time on cable, using the Internet tubes to say "Waaah, woe is me, my aces got cracked by J9o all-in preflop for a $1,100 pot."

The monkey croup is the most annoying part, as I have no idea what that's about. I had the normal slight cough from breathing too much recirculated casino air and all the dirty monkeys at the poker tables, but this morning I woke up barely able to talk at all. I was about to have to break into desperate mime mode when trying to order a $6 coffee at a Bellagio shop this morning when the lady finally deciphered my croaking and got me a coffee. Tried to talk to my wife, who I miss very much, but we finally gave up due to my inability to speak in anything other than croak-speak.

So yeah, good trip. Other than wanting to be home, and the whole monkey croup thing, and having no money to gamble with. Other than that, Vegas rocks.

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