Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Cause Bullet Points are All the Rage

* Still alive. Still very busy.

* I'll be heading out to Vegas again this year for the Main Event, scribbling scribblings for the 2009 WSOP blog at the bwin Poker Blog. I'm actually fairly psyched to go this year, except for the house I'm remodeling that must get done before I leave on June 30th, which is increasingly becoming doubtful.

* Still plugging away at the real estate grind. If real estate is an easy way to get rich quick, I'm apparently doing something wrong.

* Still at the day job. Sweet mother of Jebus.

* Thanks to Al for all his work with the BBT series. I played a handful of events in the latest series, which usually consisted of signing up, getting seated, and immediately thinking "It's late and I'm tired, why the hell did I sign up for this?" and finding some way to donk off my chips so I could go to bed. I did check out the ToC action, as I was playing some other tournies at the same time, and I have to say the finish was about as awesome a finish as could be hoped for. GG actyper, and try not to donk out of the Main Event as quickly as last year.

* Still play a decent amount of the online pokers, mostly at Cake. Final tabled two of their WSOP finals but no love. Did have two nice scores in their bigger Sunday tournies, and a 2nd in a rebuy tourney in the last month.

* Free investing advice o' the day: commodities, ftw!

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