Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Full Tilt, FTW!

Many thanks to the kind powers that be at Full Tilt for selecting my chat cloud entry as the winner, with the result being 5,000 FTP points (that I parlayed into a $33 Mini FTOPS entry, which I immediately donked away brilliantly) as well as a $100 freeroll on Friday, to which the two folks who still read this might be interested in:

Tournament #224279571 (03.11.11 20:00 ET) - $100 prize pool
Password: boomswitch

I am actually quasi-blogging a bit more over at tptk, but have been completely hammered of late with work, and about to hop over to Europe for a month and a half to cover WPT Vienna, WPT Bratislava, GSOP Live Seville, and maybe the Irish Open. Busy times, busy times...