Friday, August 15, 2014

Amber teething bracelets and cooking bratwurst

I'm always amused at the random crap I find myself doing, such as importing raw amber teething necklaces from a guy named Tomas in Lithuania or creating a website devoted to how to cook bratwurst.

Both are still works-in-progress and just a few of the projects I have going right now, as far as getting back into the swing of doing keyword research and creating various micro sites.

I'm curious to see how the teething bracelet one pans out, as that'll be the first site I've done where I'll actually be selling products.

I imagine it'll be a nightmare -- and I'm probably a little late to catch the recent interest/fad in amber teething necklaces -- but it'll be a learning experience if nothing else. I'm not sinking a ton of money into inventory and taking more of a wait and see approach.

Still working out some technical kinks with the tactical scope site, mainly trying to get OutWit Hub configured correctly to scrape product prices correctly on Amazon on a regular basis.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ramble on

I've always wished I could have a uber history of all my Google searches over time, maybe with a heat map element thrown in to show frequency and intensity of searches.

There'd be a lot of random crap thrown in there but I think it'd be pretty interesting to see the topics that stuck long enough to register over a long time frame, as I imagine they'd jog memories and line up with wherever life was taking me at the moment.

Case in point: we're moving to Tennessee in December and embracing country life in the boondocks. I'm looking into stuff like aquaponics and growing garlic whereas three years ago searches would be dominated by info on Malta, travel, etc.

No real point here. More and more life seems much more fascinating than fiction, as far as the random twists and turns and how you get from point A to point B.

It's all very natural and logical at the time but stepping back it seems impossible to be where you're at, given where you were not that long ago.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

All Your Records are Mine

Stories like this never fail to amaze me, as far as just how strange and amazing and unique humans can be sometimes.

I've been getting back into the world of affiliate sites and domain flipping, after selling off a few websites here and there on Flippa and seeing what some sites fetch these days.

It's a far cry from when I was up to my neck in flipping houses but I'm actually enjoying the process, as far as hunting out expired domains and other sites for sale, as well as knocking the dust off some of my old sites and gussying them up.

I probably shouldn't be such a capitalist at heart but the ability for people to scheme and find an angle to make money has always impressed me.

Daily life with a 1.5 year old doesn't leave quite as much time as in the past for poking around with websites but I'm slowly getting back into the groove of things.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Sports sports sports sports

Football season is finally approaching, which means its time to time to ponder life's greatest questions such as how to cook bratwurst and decide just how crazy you are to spend $200+ on a Critter Nation Cage or a Ferret Nation Cage.

I've been such a vagabond the last few years it's hard to know how to root for. The Longhorns still have a special place in my heart but the NFL is hard.

The 49ers are our "home" team now but I'm still pretty much meh on them. Breaking my heart too many times as a young impressionable Dallas Cowboys fan in the 1980s makes it a little too difficult to really put my heart behind cheering for the 49ers.

I keep vowing to actually pay attention to baseball again but another season is sliding away without watching an entire full game.

Such is life, I guess, and definitely first-world problems to have.