Friday, August 11, 2006

Kudos, Mr. Gold

Congratulations, I suppose, to Jamie Gold, your 2006 WSOP ME champion. Based on assorted accounts he sounds like a bit of a tool, largely luckboxing his way to the win (and didn't appear to be hurting for cash prior to winning), but I suppose it could have been worse. It'll be interesting to see if Stars tries to woe him into their fold of former ME winners and just pretend, you know, that he wasn't linked with Bodog when he actually won the ME.

This weekend is pretty much D-Day (err, D-Weekend) for refinishing the hardwood floors at the new house. Jury is still out on whether it'll kill me or not, but I should be able to get the bulk of it done. Sheer stubborn bastardness got me through the endless stripping/scraping portion of the show, so hopefully it's all downhill from there.

Thank Jebus that the start of football season is approaching rapidly. Yeah, baseball, you're all right (especially when I'm *cough*, dominating the blogger fantasy baseball league I'm in), but hallelujah, football is just around the corner.

I finished up my monkey labors a bit early last night and got home in time to hit up the Titan ATM. Couple of river all-in bluffs from lemurs when I'm sitting on the mortal nuts and I log off, merrily shaking my head.


UnderDog said...

"Based on assorted accounts he sounds like a bit of a tool, largely luckboxing his way to the win"

Hummm, Really? Where you hear that? I was following it online and he seemed good, lucky at times but no real donk plays?

cc said...

Don't look to see him head to Stars... said...

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