Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ahh, Tennessee

The plan this year was to spend Thanksgiving in Tennessee with my parents, as we pretty much have a choice/obligation to spend either Christmas or Thanksgiving here, and we did Christmas last year. We decided to just go ahead and take the whole week off and drive out, with a pit stop in Dallas to see her parents for a few days, then off to the lovely hills of Middle Tenneessee, which is where we are now.

Umm, whee?

I get along with my parents so visiting isn't that painful, but you pretty quickly reach that point where everyone is caught up on everything worth talking about, you all mention how great it is to have everyone back home, then sort of nod your head a few times and think, umm, now what? The fact that my parents live in the middle of nowhere sort of exacerbates the situation, as they just got a movie theater in town LAST YEAR, so the entertainment options are pretty slim. Before that we had to drive thirty minutes or so to the next county over if we wanted to see the moving picture shows. No, seriously.

But I shouldn't complain, as it's good to be home, nice to have people cook mny meals for you, and all that good stuff.

I have managed to get lots of poker in. Unfortunately, I've lost the ability to win even a single frigging coin flip, despite flipping the damn coin 162,192,182,192 times. Definitely whee.

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kurokitty said...

I think it's coin flip karma (the other side of the coin?) for going neg 5K in bj and coming back out on top. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving though.