Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The following is a paid review for, a poker forum site: is one of the more active poker forum sites out there, with nearly 15,000 total members and over 160,000 posts. You can find discussions threads on just about any poker topic you can name, including bankroll management, bonus codes, upcoming freerolls, hand analysis, and much more. also provides free poker strategy guides, including articles on basic poker odds, tournament strategy (including MTT and SnGs), poker book reviews, and guides on how to build an online bankroll, as well as a variety of quick and dirty poker tips and advice.

While the site skews towards NL Texas Hold'em, which is far and away the most popular form of poker these days, the site does touch on other variants such as Omaha and Stud. Cardschat also offers poker site reviews on many of the most popular sites out there, as well as a comprehensive listing of available bonus codes for online players looking for a bit of a boost to their bankrolls. They've also got a poker odds calculator on the site, in addition to poker screensavers, picture galleries, and tournament listings.

While it's not as large as 2+2 and other forum sites, the Cardschat site is clean and well-organized and is a breeze to navigate. If you're looking for a new poker forum site to frequent, give a whirl, as it's a solid forum site with a nice mix of active members and discussion threads.

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