Sunday, November 26, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Got back in late last night from our whirlwind Thanksgiving tour, which mostly consisted of driving and eating and driving, pretty much in that order. We got some pretty decent loot from my mom and stepdad (we went ahead and pretended it was Christmas, as we won't be able to visit again during actual Christmas), including a remote controlled helicopter (yes, my mother still thinks I'm ten years old; no, I didn't ask Santa for a remote controlled helicopter for Christmas). I also got a nice mitre saw, which is what I actually asked Santa for.

'Twas good to see all the assorted family, but man, it's nice to be home. All of our critters managed to survive the week or so without us and don't seemed to pissed at us, which is good.

Way to lay an egg at the end of the year, Longhorns. It doesn't help much for the officials to randomly yank touchdowns away from you for phantom offensive pass interference but it's your own fault for stinking up the joint versus the dang ol' Aggies. Good luck in the Holiday Bowl getting thumped by some Crap Ten team like Cal.

Next week I start with the first real estate class towards getting ye olde realtor's license. Can't say I'm necessarily looking forward to it, but I should be able to knock out most of the certification classes in December and just be done with it.

Not a whole heck of a lot else going on. Played a goodly bit of poker over the last week or so but am feeling a bit burned out of late. I may cut back a good bit on the pokering over the next few months, as I really need to buckle down and finish up some projects around the house, especially if we're going to buy another fixer-upper house sometime in the not too distant future.


kurokitty said...

I bet ScurvyRat can't wait to ride in the remote-controlled helicopter..."The Rat and the Rotary-winged plane" instead of "The Mouse and the Motorcycle"

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the head coach. He's a pretty good hire for a program like ours, so hopefully you can spare him.

UnderDog said...

I was in TX for a Visit and my step dad and I went to that game.

After hearing how great they were....... Well, DISS a point ing!!!

you seen it :P

Really liked Austin, So much so I may be moving there soon.

At least Vince Young is doing a great job!!!