Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Billions and Billions of Bytes

Still in keep-my-head-down-grind-out-work mode, as I manage to clear some projects and assorted work off the plate and lo and behold, more work appears.

Austin house is all but done and ready to list next week, after I do some final touch ups and we get it cleaned and all that good stuff. Have to admit that I'm pretty proud of how all the work turned out, especially the kitchen, and it was nice to meet with our realtor and go over the place and confirm that we should hopefully get something in the ballpark price-wise of what we're shooting for, which would justify a lot of time and expense that we'd sunk into it, as far as prepping it for sale.

I've been getting a bit more serious as far as looking for the next investment property, but haven't found much yet that's promising. I've also been getting more serious about the idea of buying lots and building homes on them, with a slight twist as far as specializing in wee little houses, likely 700-800 sq. ft. There's actual been a general upswing in interest of late in very small house designs for new construction, from both ends of the spectrum, as far as higher-end stuff in cities where existing home prices and/or large lots are astronomical, but also on the affordable housing side in areas like the Gulf Coast. It's been interesting poking around in assorted design principles, as far as making absolute maximum use out of every square foot, etc.

On my scheming affiliate side, I've been launching some new video sites (HateNinja, Sweet Sports Videos, UFC and Pride Videos), which are basically just niche sites that I post related video clips on that are already up on YouTube, Google Video,, etc.

They've been kind of fun to build out so far, and it's interesting to delve a bit more deeper into the video sharing side of the Internet tubes. I keep waffling back and forth, from absolute amazement at the sheer amount of data we're recording and broadcasting, as far as a chronicle of life in general in this day and age, to quasi depression and abject despair, as far as the behavior shared with the world, that would seem to doom us all, if it's a representative sample of any sort of what we're capable of. I usually think we live in pretty boring times, as far as missing out on assorted ages of exploration, scientific discoveries, etc., but it's interesting to be a part of the first generation that's truly having a great bulk of it's daily activities digitally captured, recorded, and stored, for forever and ever.

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Bloody P said...


The video blogs are great. I started one with a buddy called "Butt Puppets" and it has done surprising well for only being around for a month.

It's already outpacing my humble poker blog.