Thursday, May 03, 2007

So, Wait, I Just Start Typing and it Shows Up on the Blog?

I don't tend to sit around and lollygag much in general, but things have been pretty insane of late, even for me.

I have officially bitten off more than I can chew, between trying to fix and flip two houses, working a 40 hour a week day job, taking on beaucoup Web development work for a couple of different poker sites, and doing SEO contracting work for my day job employer. There you go. The person who swears they can never bite off too much work has done just that. Boo, me.

But, on the bright side, other than the barely having time to breathe aspect, I'm really enjoying myself. Not that the last year/year-and-a-half was a bad time for me necessarily, but I think a good one-word summary would be "underfreakingutilized". I did stuff and I stayed busy but there wasn't really any point where I was pushed to any sorts of limits or put myself in a position where, unless I busted my ass, I wasn't going to get something done.

And there's nothing wrong with that, as far as floating around in happy comfort zones, but man, how boring is that, in the end.

That's not to say that I haven't had Days of Despair of late, where I want to just say screw it all and run away and go be a yak farmer in Mongolia. Today was close to a Day of Despair, but not quite. I took this week off of work to finish up work at the Austin house but it's been conspiring against me, and today was the full blown When Houses Attack moment. I managed to sprain the crap out of my right big toe, shock the crap out of my self while being a huge dumbass, and spent nearly an hour crammed underneath a bathroom vanity, completely soaked, prying off an impossible to turn nut that held the old faucet on, getting it to move fractions of a nanometer at a time. In short: fun stuff.

I've played a bit of poker, mostly Bracelet Races in my Quioxete-esque adventures to stay up too late when exhasuted and ultimately come up short. 3 more final tables and one fourth place finish but no ultimate love for me.

The fourth place finish was pretty ridiculous, as I was playing the Bracelet Race and a SNG at the same time, and it was getting late in the SNG and push/fold time, and I got dealt something like 1010 and was ready with the trigger finger, the window pops up, bam, I'm all in. Except, umm, somehow or other I shoved in the Bracelet Race, two hands into it, with 95o from MP. There was one limper in front of me but I figured no harm no foul, and everyone would fold and I'd look like a dumbass. Until the limper insta-called with AA, and I'm sitting with 45 chips when I don't suckout.

I forget all of the details, but I managed to double up approximately 172 times to get back to average, hung around and tripled up in a big hand late, then actually had a decent stack at the final table. No love there, though, when I foolishly pushed with KK versus Q10o.

Not really much of a break in the hectic schedule until mid June or so. Once again, ScurvyWife and I are going to miss the blogger festivities by a few weeks, as we booked a trip to Vegas from June 20-24 many moons ago, because we're dorks like that. If we can get a contract on the Austin house by then for something in the ballpark of our asking price, I may treat myself to a WSOP event, but even if not I'm definitely looking forward to some unabashed down time, as both houses should be done and on the market, and the first wave of SEO contracting done and in the books.

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