Monday, May 21, 2007

Poker Hate Me

Poker is weird. I could stop right there, really.

Managed to satellite into FTOPS #8 cheaply, and actually acquired a big honking stack early, due to assorted fun like flopping quads and getting paid off, flopping sets twice in heavy multi-way action and having them hold up, bullying a lot and stealing smallish pots, etc. Had a top 20 stack with about 450 remaining when the wheels absolutely came off, sending me to the rail in the span of fifteen or so short minutes.

I was going to recount all of the gory details, but really, there's not much point. On the interesting side, I got my money in good every single time, yet managed to lose all six hands that contributed to my doom. Kind of hard to do, that, but I managed it.

I've never seen much good in the "Waah, I'm due" mentality, as it's an obvious fallacy on many levels (and annoying to boot), but man, I'm due. But enough about that.

Nice to see Hoy, Grubby, and cmitch make good runs in the FTOPS Main Event last night. I took a mini-break from my manual labors and played a couple of the crapshootastic Super Turbo SnGs to try to qualify at the last minute, but got no love. They might as well just add blackjack, too, as I'm not sure of the skill involved in starting with 100 in chips and the normal 15/30 blinds, but hey, I was more than happy they offered such a beast, when I ahd 45 minutes or so to try to win a seat.

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gambling uk said...

very unlucky bud, poker is a harsh mistress sometimes, and terrible play is rewarded way too often. Sleep well knowing that if you persist you will do well if you play the same way!