Thursday, December 14, 2006

Radpoku Poker Forums

The following is a paid advertisement for Radpoku Poker Forums:

Radpoku Poker Forums is a newer entrant into the world of poker forums (launched in November 2006) and offers the standard poker forum fare, including sections devoted to hand analysis, the ever-popular tales of bad beats, and a beginner's forum. The site also offers an Omaha forum as well as a lounge for off-topic discussion about sports, current events, and assorted other non-poker stuff.

RadPoku (short for Really Addicting Poker for U) also offers its own RadPoku poker game, which pays out $500 for the monthly high score as well as $25 for hitting 4 of a kind, $50 for a straight flush, and $100 for a royal flush. The Radpoku game itself is basically five card draw, and you accumulate points for certain hands.

The site also promises to give away a minimum of $1,000 in prizes to members who earn the most points, but only when there are at least 1000 members of the forum. At the time of this review there were only 39 total members, so keep in mind that the first promised prize giveaway might not happen in the near future.

While it's hard to judge the ultimate success of a brand-new forum site, RadPoku seems to be off to a solid start, and offers some unique games and potential prize giveaways that you don't often see on poker forum sites.

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