Monday, April 13, 2015

Beard balm and hand salve

My first foray into selling stuff online was successful enough that I've launched a few more mini stores, including one for beard balm.

Making the products adds more than a few headaches (especially coming up with packaging and labels and sorting out shipping options and carriers and all that jazz) but the margins are far higher and it's nice to have more control over inventory.

The raw amber necklaces sell well but our supplier in Lithuania is a little hit and miss and often runs out of the styles we prefer, so it's been hard to keep them in stock on a regular basis.

As far as making salves and balms and what-not, while it sounds a little girly I'm actually enjoying it a lot.

Now that we're in Tennessee and living the farm life, we're looking for ways to eventually be self-supporting as far as the farm and the beard balm and hand salve are steps in that direction.

I'm buying all the ingredients now but eventually we want to grow and use what we can as far as natural ingredients like beeswax, lavender, and rosemary, so it's been kind of cool to play around with recipes to get down to something we're happy with that is crammed full of artificial chemicals and preservatives.

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