Monday, August 24, 2015

Farm Life

This summer is flying by, what with normal life, trying to build a house, and helping out on the farm with things like hauling hay and other fun stuff.

I've also been selling at a few local farmer's markets, which has been interesting. Not amazingly lucrative but it's been a good nudge to get a little more serious about the handcrafted natural salves and soaps I've been making.

I've got the Shafer Springs Farm site up and rolling now and we're also selling a few things in our Shafer Springs Farm Etsy shop.

I'd tried setting up a seller's account on Amazon and got 90% done before throwing the laptop through a window. The contrast between using Etsy (super simple and very intuitive) and Amazon (willfully confusing and Stone Age-y) to set up a seller's account to list and sell items could not have been more different.

Very excited that football season and cooler weather are on the horizon..I guess I'm a Vanderbilt Commodore fan again now that I'm back in Tennessee, which likely means a loooooonnnggg season ahead.

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