Monday, June 20, 2005

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Just about the only bright spot I can find this fine Monday morning is that I get to babble on about all sorts of assorted things. There is that, to chalk up in the plus column of the Life of a Cubicle Monkey spreadsheet.

I'm actually in a more than decent mood, due to much kicking of ass this weekend. We'd been putting off assorted house cleaning chores for, umm, way too long, and kept taking trips here and there, and delaying the inevitable day of cleaning reckoning. Much was accomplished on that front, plus I managed to finish up most of the lugging of limestone/building of flower beds project. And I finally got the dang ol' garage cleaned out again, put up some shelving units to hopefully keep it straightened up, plus some lamps and area rugs to make it a little more habitable. The ultimate plan (when it's not approximately the temperature of the sun in our attic) is to run cable/ethernet through the ceiling, further enhancing garage habitability.

And yes, indeed, there was poker ass kicking as well. I'd been pretty happy with how the venture into 15/30 has gone so far, but I was also keeping my monkey toes crossed, hoping for a bit of a rush at some point to give me a bit more of a cushion, just so I could more easily ignore some of the downswings. I finally got that this weekend, especially on Sunday, when I caught fire on two tables and just couldn't miss. Everything was coming through, suited connectors, big pairs holding up, middle pairs flopping sets, etc. I did manage to give a chunk of it back later that night, when the worm turned a bit, but still a very, very good weekend.

I'll probably post a wrap-up soon of my first full month playing 15/30 exclusively, but, umm, yeah. Profitable. Beatable. Even by a monkey like myself that tends towards too passive play at times. I won't say that there are idiot muppets handing out large sums of money, as by and large most players are pretty decent. I will say, though, that it's relatively easy to know where you're at, more often than not (especially with the aid of PokerTracker and GameTime+).

Saw the newer version of The Longest Yard on Friday, which was pretty amusing. Discussion with the wife about how old Burt Reynolds' character was supposed to be in the movie led me to IMDB, which confirmed that ol' Burt is, indeed, 69 years old. That's a well-preserved, well-nigh 70 year old man. Hats off to you, Burt.

My mom suddenly decided to come visit us for four days this upcoming weekend. Umm, okay, sounds good, Mom. It will save us driving to Tennessee to visit over the 4th of July holiday, which is a good thing, and I get along with my mom reasonably well, when she's not completely making things up, so it shouldn't be too bad. Plus I'll prbably get some birthday loot out of it. Mmm, loot...

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