Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Is It Thursday Yet? Is It Thursday Yet? Is It Thursday Yet? Is It Thursday Yet?

So, umm, yeah. I gots nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

I did manage to bang out a ton of work on a side project the last few days. It's kind of a weird deal, as it's all likely completely for naught, in its current form, but I'll likely be able to plug it into assorted ventures moving forward.

I'm not cool enough to have a real Vegas itinerary or anything like that. I'm also too recently married to have completely worked all of the kinks out of the husbandly duties/expectations system, having not quite yet reached the stage where I'm cut loose and only expected to show up at a prearranged meeting point, reeking of strippers, gin, and cigar smoke.

We're getting into town around 8:00 Thursday night, staying at the lovely Strat. We'll probably wander around and do the gawking thing and get some food, with minimal rambling and/or gambling.

I'm going to try to barter for Friday to be my designated degenerate gambler day. As far as the "serious" poker, I'll prolly stick to limit, likely 15/30, either at Bellagio or Wynn. Planning on getting that play in earlier in the day, then hitting Excalibur for the blogger mayhem later that night. I'll also wander over to the Rio to check on how all of you cool bloggers are doing in the $1,500 NL event, likely a few hours into it.

Saturday morning is the WPBT event at the Aladdin, which, given how I'm running in tournaments lately, might last all of 15 minutes for me. No other real plans for Saturday. I promised the wife a nice dinner one night, so it'll likely be Saturday night. Which means we'll likely make an appearance at the after party, but one on the brief side. Yeah, I know, I suck...

Then we arrive at Black Sunday, when we leave the fair city of Las Vegas and return to the boring, real world. Meh.


April said...

What's your flight #? Just curious if we're on the same one. You're flying Southwest, right?

ScurvyDog said...

We're on Southwest, Flight 607, leaving at 3:05 PM.

And I realized I just flubbed the arrival time somehow, as we're actually getting into Vegas at 4:00 PM. Sweet.

April said...

Ah, you're earlier than me. I get in at 8:20. Have a good flight!!