Thursday, June 30, 2005

Please Restart Time

Many thanks to all of you kind souls for the birthday wishes.

I've got absolutely nothing today. Tank is empty. Just sitting here, staring at the clock, which refuses to budge.

Yep, still stuck.

Forgot to mention that I actually get to play real, live poker tonight with Big Slick Nuts, April, and Broke Gambler (and maybe a few others that I missed/don't know). No laughing at my complete and utter lack of shuffling and/or dealing skillz. No, really...


April said...

Ummm...we on for poker tonight? Does that help?

ScurvyDog said...

Woo, poker.

Definitely on for poker tonight. I just Googled the directions and realized that a friend of mine used to live just down the street from there.

No making fun of my complete lack of shuffling/dealing skills.

April said...

No worries, I always screw up my first deal. Plus, there will be beer! Shiner is always good for taking blame.

TripJax said...

Hey Scurvy,

Man I've been remiss in dropping by to say happy b-day. Alot of my blog reading is done at work (no shit) and for some reason your template never works for me at work. Anyone with your template style just shows funked up graphics.

Anyway, you are one of my print from home and read during lunch blogs and you've had some really good stuff lately. Data mining, investing, all kinds of shit. Hell I work in the financial services industry and I was impressed with everything you brought up in that post.

OK enough of all that. The reason I dropped by was to say Happy B-Day and tell you you're doing a great job here man...keep it up.

Poker In Arrears

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