Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bite Me, Blogger

Sweet Jebus, Google. I likes me my free Blogger and Gmail services, and I realize the idiocy in complaining when free things go down and don't work, but this is sort of ridiculous, not allowing me to access anything and then pushing me to upgrade to your new platform, except I can't upgrade, because you can't accomodate a blog with the massive size and girth of mine.

Ups and downs of late, ups and downs. Despite all attempts to empty my online pokering funds, I keep winning money. Which is good, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't help me make a clean break from the pokering to focus on business stuff.

Getting approved for a line of credit via my business to buy real estate is cool, but seeing both properties I was eyeing go under contract literally hours after getting approved sort of sucks.

Sinking weeks of work into a potential freelance project to be told "Thanks, but no thanks," sucks, but at least... Well, no, that one just sucks.

We're "reducing organizational complexity" at work, which would normally elicit a "Praise Jebus, Hallelujah!" from me (especially since it's that time of year when we do our byzantine annual reviews), except for the fact that in these environs "reducing organizational complexity" means we're firing 10% of the workforce. Sweet.

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