Friday, January 05, 2007

Mmm, Mansiony Overlay...

After some nudging and poking, I played in one of the $100,000 Guaranteed tournaments last night that Mansion is currently running. The first night they ran it there was an overlay of $50K or so, as only 500 people ponied up the $100 entry. I was expecting more people to show last night as the word got out but nay, there were something like 532 runners when it got started. Can you say overlaylicious?

I didn't make much noise and ended up going out before the first break. The structure is kind of fast (1500 starting stacks and 12 minute levels) and I was getting short when I got a free look at a flop with J8d. Four of us see a flop of Jc 6d 4d, someone slightly shorter than me goes all in, I shove trying to isolate, but there's another call and I'm up against Qc Jh and Ad 10d. Oops. It actually felt good to get my money in really bad and lose, as opposed to yet again being sent packing despite being on the right side of a 80/20.

I know a $100 entry is a little pricey for some but it's hard to beat a $50K overlay.

Wait, crap, I'm talking about poker.

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There. Now all is right with the world. Whew...

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Anonymous said...

What are your poker aliases?

Did you play mansion again?

I didn't see any variant of Scurvy there.