Thursday, January 11, 2007

Buh Bye, Pinnacle..

Wow. Pinnacle is pulling out of the US market, which is, umm, kind of shocking if you dabble in the world o' sportsbetting.

I've been prone to assuming the online gambling sky is falling in the past, so feel free to ignore me, but this isn't good news at all for the long-term future of any online gambling site, including Stars and Full Tilt, as far as continuing to serve US players. Pinnacle is the 900 lb. gorilla of the sportsbook world and for them to willingly turn their back on what is reported to be 60% of their revenue is pretty telling.

Especially since sportsbooks had been pretty willfully flaunting US law anyway by accepting bets from US players, so barring the door to US players is an even stronger vote about the real impact of the UIGEA on US gamblers being yet to come.


UnderDog said...

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Anonymous said...

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