Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get Paid to Surf the Internet Tubes

AGLOCO is back, with a promise that many of us greedy, money-grubbing folks respond to: get paid for surfing the Web.

Back in ancient times, AGLOCO was known as All Advantage, which did exactly the same thing, as far as paying people to download a gizmo in your toolbar, which would track your time spent surfing around and pay you accordingly. Advertisers paid All Advantage to be in the system, which is where the money can from that was paid out to surfers.

It was pretty unobtrusive and didn't really interfere with anything you'd normally do, so it was an easy way to make some beer money each month. You could also artifically rig it to simulate surfing and get paid more than beer money, which helped to cause All Advantage to bo busto when the cat got out of the bag and too many people started gaming the system.

The same company is back, with the same business model, but a new name, now doing business as AGLOCO. They've got various measure in place so that the past won't repeat itself and are offering some new ways for you to make cash, other than just surfing. (One of which is by referring other members, so if you click through any of my links here and sign up, I potentially get a tiny cut of your action; if you refer other people, you potentially get a cut of their action, and so on).

Is signing up at AGLOCO, encouraging other people to sign up, and downloading the software when it comes out of beta going to make you rich? Nope. But it'll probably pay for your beer money each month, as far as what you get paid for surfing with the toolbar installed, and it's completely unobtrusive and doesn't require you to do anything, other than sign up and give it a whirl when available.

I'm giving it a whirl because, hey, money is good, and it'll be interesting to see just how all of it plays out, as far as the earning potential. I'd sign up sooner rather than later, as companies tend to sometimes scale back the benefits of these programs right before launch, and signing up now also gives you more time to lure other people into the horrible, evil net of free money from doing nothing but sitting on your ass and surfing the Internet tubes.

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