Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All Finally Quiet on the Home Front

Knock on wood, but my bizarro nuclear family seems to be on the mend. ScurvyWife is completely better and ScurvyRat is back to his normal spastic self, and abcess-free so far. He did gnaw out his stitch from his mini-surgery to drain abcesses way too early, but the incision is healing well, despite being gnarly looking.

The vet kept trying to fashion a little rat cone to put over his head to keep him from licking at it, which was pretty humorous, as she'd strap it on and he'd yank it off with his little rat hands in like 0.12 seconds, she'd try again, he'd yank it off, over and over and over. She was pretty insistent about putting some sort of cone on him, as she didn't think he'd leave it alone otherwise, but we're going to give him a few days to see how it's healing. He'd go absolutely nuts wearing a cone (assuming it'd even stay on), wouldn't be able to eat normally or groom himself, and in general would be a miserable camper, so we're going to try to avoid that, under the assumption that it seems to be healing well and he'll recover better overall if he's in a happier, non-miserable state of mind.

In poker news, I'm pretty much reduced to playing freerolls these days. I had run the last $13 in my Full Tilt account up to about $200 or so, but waved bye-bye to that in when my middle set went down in flames to top set on a raggedy board. 'Twas kind of inevitable as I kept taking my whole roll to whatever NL table I could sit at with at least half the max buy-in, and there's only so long you can play that silly game before going bust-o. I was trying to run it up to at least $1,000 before practicing any sort of responsible bankroll management but obviously didn't get very close.

Still having decent success at the Stars EPT FPP satellites, especially the first stage 300FPP+rebuy ones. I feel kind of silly only playing FPP satellites but it keeps my busy when I'm jonesing to play some poker, and I keep bumping up my FPP balance over time, as I usually just take the FPPs and don't play the next event I qualified for, which are usually 8,000 FPP tournaments that guarantee two packages to whatever EPT event it's for.

Things are zipping along on the investment property buying front, as the home inspection wasn't too brutal. Wrestling with assorted loan options is less than fun, as I have no love for that industry at all, even when working with relatively competent and nice loan agents. I'd never dealt with loan options for properties that might be re-sold very quickly, so the last week has been a crash course in whether or not to buy points, prepayment penalties, and other fun stuff.

I'm probably going with a fairly conventional loan that would mean I can't sell the place for at least three months, which was a little disappointing at first (as I'd envisioned fixing up the place and getting it back on the market in a month) but likely more realistic all the way around. It'll buy me some needed leeway in general, as far as being rushed to handle the repairs, and it honestly might take 60-90 days to sell the place anyway. I'm also going to have to make a detour at some point to work on the Austin house, when we decide to sell it, so there's that to consider, too.

Dead time of the sports year = activate. Please let March Madness get here soon, sports gods.

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