Sunday, February 18, 2007

Why Yes, My Name IS Bubble Boy

Gah. Just finished 3rd in a Stars FPP satellite that paid out two $8K trips to the EPT Dortmund event. At least it wasn't quite as bad as last summer's similar bubble finish (3rd) with the top two spots getting Main Event packages.

I can't get too upset as I was the short stack at the final table and never managed to really chip up, despite hanging around for forever. One big stack went on an absolute tear, wiping out people left and right, and suddenly it was 3 handed, with my wee 40K stack, a 120K stack, and Mr. Moneybags with 350K or so. Went out with A10s in the BB when the button decided to look me up with his 88 after I shoved over the top of his 4BB raise. Boo, bubble finishes.

I also went ahead and cashed out the newfound Bodog roll, booking a profit of $2,000 and leaving myself $300 to donk around with. Which I shortly donked off, sitting at a $300 NL 6 max table. I'm just way too busy with other stuff these days to revert into poker mode, plus the $2K will definitely be handy with the house flipping endeavor. It'll be nice to get a fat check form Bodog sometime in 2017, when it finally arrives. (Thanks, Mr. Frist!)

1 comment:

Div said...

Unlucky Scurvy.

Looking on the bright side, you may never have got past security at the airport. Your name is probably on some Fed hit list.

Next time you feel yourself lamenting the bubble, just close your eyes and imagine the snap of those rubber gloves going on....