Saturday, February 10, 2007

Where's That Hole At?

I have much new-found respect for people that wrestle with anxiety on a daily basis. Even just a week or so of ongoing uncertainty and sicknesses and maladies that I can nothing about but sit there and hope and pray get better is enough to pretty thoroughly wreck me and leave me wanting to do nothing more than crawl into a hole somewhere and hide.

ScurvyRat is hanging in there. The abcesses seem to be healing well but they were right next to his wee rat penis (bring it on, freaky search term results), and things in general down there look inflamed and not-good. There's just not much the local vet can do at this stage, and she said she'd prescribe the antiobiotics that he's already taking, so the ball is largely in his court, to get the hell better. He's a tough little dude, so, logically, he'll get the hell better. His appetite is off, which worries me, but he's still eating, and it's not unusual for the antibiotics to cause that, and we keep shoving all sorts of food at him, so in reality he's probably not eating that much less than normal.

Not good news from Neteller, as far as the company rolling and handing over all documents and account info to the US government. I was a good monkey and paid all my taxes, but I'm pretty concerned about the fact that almost all of my affiliate income was paid through Neteller. Neteller refused to let me set up a separate corporate account, so all of the affiliate payments to my business had to be routed through my personal account.

Like I said, I paid taxes, so all that is well and good, but I moved a lot of money through Neteller, and an audit could potentially be a royal pain in my ass. The problem is that many affiliate programs weren't big on invoices and paper trails, and would simply dump your payments into your Neteller account (or other method of payment you chose). Many of the programs that paid me relatively large sums of money simply don't exist anymore, having since been dissolved or acquired, and all I really have in the end is the money they paid me, without the traditional invoice that most businesses can produce, to verify income if audited.

Which is probably getting ahead of myself, as far as things to stress over, as all of the income is accounted for and I paid taxes on all of it. But it looks pretty damn fishy (and rightfully so) and would take much 'splaining, in the unfortunate event that anyone uses Neteller records to demand some 'splaining from US citizens.

Again, what a colossally bad beat we all took, as far as the perfect storm of events that led up to the UIGEA getting rammed through. I have to admit that even though I've been doom and gloom from day one, I'm still amazed that the US government continues to push this thing so damn hard, as I'd have thought they'd have largely shrugged their shoulders, turned a mostly blind eye to things, and not actively pursued it as they have. I guess Harrah's really, really wants to get that online poker site of theirs up as soon as possible.

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