Saturday, February 17, 2007

Umm, Thank You Mr. Bodog

So after many, many hands of poker yesterday and this morning, my Bodog account has blossomed from $24 to just a bit over $2,500. Or, you know, whee, poker is fun!

I hadn't played much NL at Bodog at all, and I have to say it's been pretty interesting. Don't get my wrong, most of the aforementioned buckage has come from simply running hot and isn't reproducible, but a good chunk of it is from people who are more than happy to get all of their chips into the middle on the flop with nothing more than a third nut flush draw, or an OESD. And indeed, you encounter that all over, but there seems to be a lot of gambool in the water at Bodog.

Only problem with reacquiring a bankroll of sorts (especially so quickly) is that I have to admit I'm kind of tempted to cash out, as it'd just about cover my entire cash due at closing on the new investment property, and I'm really way too busy these days to get sucked into 8 hour marathon sessions like yesterday. Yeah, I know, terrible problem, indeed...


Dr. Pauly said...

Book the win!

Craig said...

By the time you get your cash, you can harvest the timber on the property.