Monday, November 15, 2004

Caribbean Sun Bonus, PokerNow Reload, Reef Club Casino Fun

So let's see. Last week was my first entry into the world of casino bonuses, posting pretty impressive wins at StarLuck, PlanetLuck, Sands of the Caribbean, Reef Club, and William Hill. Nice initial signup bonuses plus a good run of cards at blackjack resulted in a significant jolt upward to my online bankroll.

I'd also been wary of playing at the casinos but it's a relatively risk-free endeavor, if the bonus is large enough and you can stay disciplined enough, wagering the minimum at blackjack in order to play enough to clear the bonus requirements. Just stay focused, grinf through the minimum bets, and follow a blackjack basic strategy guide and you'll be good to go. Also be sure to do the non-download option when available, as it often has slight better player odds. Don't freak out if you start losing and don't double up your bets to offset a loss, etc. Just stay smart and disciplined and, more often than not, you'll make money.

I also managed to squeeze in quite a bit of poker, thanks to a reload bonus at Pokernow (15% up to $100, 800 raked hands) and the monthly Caribbean Sun $40 bonus for 350 hands.

Basically broke even on the PokerNow bonus (you win some, you lose some) but had a really good run at Caribbean Sun, cashing out +$250. The Crypto sites do seem to be tightening up a bit, as far as the HE limit games, but the NL games are incredibly soft. Be a bit careful, though, as the players seem a bit more maniacal in general, so be less inclined to try to push someone off a hand with a stone cold bluff. Twice yesterday I saw someone call an $100 all-in raise with nothing but jack high (and suck out to win, both times). The Stud and Omaha games are pretty damn lucrative, too, as people simply play anything their dealt and almost always call at least to the turn. Patience, good starting hand selection, and aggressiveness when your cards hit go a long, long way.

I think I'm slowly improving in regards to overcard play in limit HE. Knowing when to be selectively aggressive is hard but it's becoming clear that so much of my hourly earn comes from correctly playing common situations such as holding two overcards on a ragged flop. It's easy to remember the +$100 pots you drag in with huge hands but it's correctly playing the much more common, slightly trickier hands that make the largest difference in your overall profit/loss.

Still need to hit up the PokerStars reload bonus this week and hopefully a few more low-hanging casino bonuses.

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