Friday, November 12, 2004

Why Thank You, Yes, I'll Take More Good Gambling Mojo


*Peers around, looking for bloodstains from a double virgin sacrifice to the gambling gods, finds nothing*

The last few days have been very odd. If only I could bottle it, or reproduce it at will. I'm not complaining, mind you, just wishing for a gambling hump, where I could store excess good results for a time of need.

Despite putting on a brave face, I was pretty bummed to cash out the bulk of the poker bankroll earlier this week. Yes, sure, it was for a good cause, and I don't regret having a spiffy wedding and honeymoon one bit, but, still, you know... I played hard for that money, sweated over that money, scratched and clawed my way through the micro limits for that money, grinded for that money.

Granted, I've now twice built up a decent roll from scratch, so it wasn't that I didn't believe I could do it again. I just didn't want to have to go back to the grind. Partly due to good old-fashioned laziness, partly due to cringing at the idea of stepping back down to .50/1, partly wondering if I'll ever have the roll to safely play 15/30 again, like a few years ago, before the buying of a house took my roll down to the felt.

This week, though, has been absurdly profitable. And largely from all the wrong places. Blackjack, video poker, and Let it Ride? Are you kidding?

Basically doubled my puny bankroll at PlanetLuck, doubled again at StarLuck. Turned $80 into $460 at William Hill, with a little help from 4 of a kind at Let it Ride. Re-deposited $300 at PokerRoom to work off the $200 sign-up bonus I still had pending in the account, hit an incredible stretch of cards, just cashed out a bit shy of $1,000. Close to clearing the Caribbean Sun poker bonus and up $150 on the day.

So, umm, yeah. It took me all of four or five days to get half the roll back. The best part is that I can return to poker, giggling like a little girl, and leave the world of casino craziness aside. Well, after I clear a few more juicy bonuses or three.


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