Friday, July 01, 2005

Thumbs up to 4 Day Weekends

Thank you, old patriotic dudes, that fought some English peeps and decided throwing a party on the 4th of July was a righteous idea.

(Technically I'm telecommuting today but Friday before a three day weekend + Quarter ending yesterday + All bosses out of the office = me not doing a damn thing.)

Many thanks to Scott for hosting a home game for Austin bloggers (plus Big Slick Nuts, who was visiting) last night. I managed to only completely screw up dealing once, and I would have put the over/under at 3, so I guess that's good. That's about the only highlight, though, as dubious as a highlight it is, as I was completely card dead the whole damn night. I think 88 was the biggest hand I picked up the entire evening. April, and Broke Gambler chopped the SnG and I don't know who came out ahead after the cash game, as my $20 donation went pretty quickly, even with Broke Gambler doing his best to re-donate at the end. Good times, though. As I warned previously, I ain't much of a talker, even when enjoying myself (especially when I'm concentrating and trying not to do anything idiotic as far as dealing and all that jazz.)

I gots to play me some more live poker. 'Tis embarrassing to play the limits I do online and have the live game savvy of a ten year old orangutan.

Crunched the degenerate numbers for June, which ended up being a bit surprising. Ended up about +$800 as far as poker goes, which was all at 15/30. Add in around $400 for rackback and somehow or other I ended up clearing $1,200 or so. Which, funnily enough, is just about what I'd averaged in the past, hitting up tons of bonuses, grinding out tons of multi-tabled hands at low limits. I honestly didn't think I'd show much of a profit at all for the month, especially after the last prolonged junk kicking I endured. I guess I'm happy to survive with my sanity intact, more than anything, as I was up over +$4,000 at one point, but also stuck about $2,000 at another later point, so I guess I'm ahead of the game.

That said, I think it may be time for a bit of a break. I really, really need to get some websites up and running for affiliate stuff, and I keep falling into this trap of playing poker in my free time, when I should be working on that stuff. I also want to study some more, get through Middle Limit Holdem Poker, and just generally absorb data and get my head straight, as far as what's most +EV to be spending my time on.

How much ass does Doyle Brunson kick?

A lot, that's how much.

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Easycure said...

He kicked Scotty in the junk. With a 10-3 offsuit. Suhweet.